Tenant Fees

What will renting a property cost me?

Application Fee - £75.00 (incl. VAT) per person

  • Once confirmed by the Landlord, this secures the property for 10 days whilst your referencing is carried out. We verify your identity, credit history and, if applicable, landlord and employment references. Contract negotiation and arranging for the tenancy commencement is also carried out.
  • If the property you have applied for also receives applications from other parties the landlord will be responsible for choosing which applicant(s) he wishes to proceed with. All applicants will be given 24 hours after the viewing to apply for the property. The decision will be based on the information given in your application form.
  • Processing the application normally takes 3 - 5 working days, as long as you have provided us with all the information we have asked for. Should we encounter problems, they are likely due to:
    • Application forms not being completed correctly or with information missing.
    • Delays in verifying your employment, particularly from larger organisations.
    • Difficulties in obtaining landlord references.
By providing us with 3 most recent wage slips, 3 most recent bank statements, a current tenancy agreement (if required) and any other documents requested we can avoid delays

Guarantor Fee – £50.00 (incl. VAT) per person

  • Covering credit referencing and preparing a Deed of Guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement.
  • In certain cases you will need to provide a suitable Guarantor. This may be because you cannot prove your income, do not earn sufficient income, have a poor credit history or are between jobs. The purpose of the guarantor is to provide the landlord with a ‘safety net’ and honour your rental obligations if you fail to do so. To qualify as a guarantor, this person will need to earn on an annual basis over 36 times the monthly rent and have a good credit history. If you think you may need a guarantor, they will have to complete a Guarantor application form and provide Identification.

Permitted Occupier Fee – £30.00 (incl. VAT) per person

  • Covering the administrative costs when preparing a tenancy with a Permitted Occupier.

Tenancy Fee - £150.00 (incl. VAT)

  • This cost will allow us to draw up the tenancy agreement, prepare all necessary documents and facilitate the move in process. This is to be paid as soon as possible after tenancy is accepted and a move-in date confirmed.  We will require the first month’s rent and agreed deposit on or before the day your tenancy begins. 

Pet Deposit – £200.00

  • If you are permitted to keep a pet at the property you may be required to pay an additional cost that will be held with your standard deposit with the TDS. This would be taken to cover any cleaning/repair costs that may occur as a result of a pet residing at the property with you. This deposit is usually at the Landlord's discretion and more information on the circumstances at each particular property is available from the Lettings Team
  • If the property you are renting is Managed or Part-Managed by David James your deposit will be held by us through our tenancy deposit scheme which is administered by The Dispute Service (TDS). Once your tenancy has commenced we will write to you issuing you with a certificate confirming your deposit registration. If the property is managed directly by the Landlord, it is the Landlord’s responsibility to register it under their own scheme and they will discuss these arrangements with you at the outset of the tenancy. If you are unsure as to who will be holding your deposit, do not hesitate to contact one of our Lettings Team.

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