Peace of mind with our rent guarantee insurance

If you opt for a management package, you have the ultimate confidence that you will receive your rent with our rent guarantee insurance policy. In the event of non-payment of rent we can make a claim to ensure your rent is protected until vacant possession is obtained, with a claim limit of £50,000.

As well as protecting you financially, a claim on the rent guarantee insurance will mean a solicitor will be appointed to obtain possession of your property. Your legal fees are fully covered throughout this process, including the serving of notices and court attendance costs. Rent guarantee is included for the first year of every tenancy and our Landlords can choose to renew this from year two onwards at a competitive rate.

Daily rent runs

At David James we carry out rental payment runs every working day (rather than on a weekly basis as is the case with many of our competitors). This ensures you will receive your rent as soon as it is paid to us. If your rent is late we proactively work with your Tenants to manage any problems.

Thorough inventory with a photographic schedule of condition

Our in-depth and comprehensive inventory will ensure that there is a record of your property’s contents. We take countless photographs of each room and its contents to ensure that you have adequate documented evidence to protect you in the event of a deposit dispute.

Our Inventory also features a schedule of condition, detailing the exact condition of all items in your property in addition to all permanent fixtures and fittings such as your kitchen and bathroom.

Property inspections every three months

We know that your property’s condition is a major concern when renting so we will visit your property regularly to ensure it is being looked after. After each visit we will send you a photographic report providing you with details of any maintenance issues and note problems the Tenant maybe experiencing.

Online maintenance reporting and a 24-hour emergency maintenance line

The David James property management team now has an interactive online maintenance reporting tool available for all tenants enjoying our full management service.

Our intuitive system also allows you to upload photographs to help provide us with more information to speed us diagnosis and resolution of any problems that occur. It also contains handy how-to guides to help fix minor common problems, which you are able to resolve yourself.

No matter what time of day, your Tenants can contact us to report any emergency work required. We have tradesmen available around the clock to ensure your property returns to full working order. This maintenance line is run by the David James team and not outsourced to a third party call centre.

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