Mandatory Electrical Inspection Condition Reports (EICRs)

In our January bulletin we informed you that the government intend to implement mandatory electrical checks. At the time both April and July had been mentioned as possible implementation dates. Whilst we still await official confirmation of the intended date, we are now working on the assumption that the July date is the most feasible starting point.

Once the legislation becomes law, all new tenancies will have to have an EICR in place at the outset of the tenancy and all existing tenancies will have twelve months to ensure they comply. In order to cope with demand, our panel of electrical contractors have asked us to take a staggered approach in ensuring our portfolio is compliant as otherwise they will not have the capacity to carry out the necessary inspections and any associated remedial work in time. As such we aim to begin speaking to Landlords from Summer 2020 to ensure everyone is compliant by July 2021.