An introduction to our Lettings and Property Management Service

The Lettings industry is a busy marketplace; with the full spectrum of letting agents from one-office outfits to national brands. As a well-established Nottingham agent with three branches in town centre locations, we believe we offer a fantastic range of products which are designed to suit differing Landlord needs. We know each Landlord and Tenant individually and as a result both our lettings and property management teams provide a personalised service; tailored to each property’s requirements.

In recent years, buying property as a rental investment has become an increasingly common way of gaining a strong return on investment during a sustained period of low interest rates. As a result many of our Clients are previously inexperienced as Landlords. Our team use their experience and skills to guide new Landlords through the pitfalls of the lettings marketplace with our management packages offering these Clients peace of mind.

As a company, we do not lose sight of the fact that we are working on behalf of our Landlord in letting and managing their property. However, unlike some of our competitors, we realise that providing a good service to our Tenants is an extension of that. Unless a Tenant has a change in circumstances, our experience demonstrates that they are far more likely to remain in a property if they appreciate the managing agent’s service. This in turn ensures that the Landlord retains their Tenant on a longer-term basis, providing security of occupancy with fewer void periods.

We are continually developing and innovating within our industry. We now offer an investment advisory service; offering opinions on the best locations to consider purchasing as well as giving our Clients insights into potential rental returns on identified properties. The lettings team would be happy to help whether you are an existing Client or new to the marketplace.

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