Management Takeover Service

At David James we’re here to help if you need to change your managing agent or appoint us to take over a tenancy you look after yourself. We take the hassle out of your hands and this management transfer service is completely free!

Are you unhappy with your current managing agent?

We have extensive experience in transferring the management of tenancies from other agents into our own portfolio. Common reasons we are given by Landlords for leaving their current agent are:

  • Poor communication.
  • Not feeling valued as an individual client.
  • Infrequent inspections.
  • Maintenance costs inflated with agent commissions.

During management transfers, we work with your current agent to obtain paperwork and information relating to your property and tenancy. Our priority is to ensure that the time you and your Tenants spend on facilitating the change is minimised as much as possible.

With the cooperation of your current agent, we will ensure that there is a seamless transition when David James take over. If you’re not happy with the service you’re receiving and think a change of agent is something you’d like to explore just contact a member of the team to discuss this process.

Is managing your property becoming too stressful?

We appreciate the difficulties that Landlords can face when dealing with tenancies themselves. Having a degree of separation between you and your Tenants allows you to make unbiased decisions about the tenancy, and having a professional agent to offer you support and advice can be invaluable during difficult periods.

These transfers do take some collaborative work between us and Landlords as we work to ensure we have required tenancy information, but we will guide you through this process and work to ensure that you are fully compliant by the date we take over.

If you think we may be able to help you with your own self-managed tenancies don’t hesitate to CONTACT US