This policy provides full details of how we will deal with reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB). If you need to report any form of anti-social behaviour that you believe is taking place in a property that we manage, you can contact us through our website or telephone our Property Management team on 0115 962 4213. If the matter is outside of office hours or urgent, please contact the Police non-emergency number 101.

When a complaint is made we will take measures to check its accuracy. We will, where possible, identify the basis of the complaint and how it relates to the occupants of the Property and the Tenancy. If we find the complaint is false or malicious it will not be recorded. If the complaint made is non-urgent we will make our Tenants aware of the issue via a telephone call or, where more suitable, in writing. If we are unable to establish contact through these methods we will arrange to visit the Property. If the complaint is criminal in nature or involves vulnerable individuals, we will notify the relevant authorities to inform them of the incident.

Tenants will be given 7 days to acknowledge and respond to an ASB complaint. This will be requested in writing or email. Suitable parties may also respond on behalf of the Tenant if this is appropriate. If a complaint is found to be accurate and a response is provided from the Tenant, we will consider both aspects when attempting to reach a solution to the problem. These solutions may include the following:

  • If a Tenant accepts the complaint as fact and ensures us that it was an isolated incident no further action will be taken. The complaint will be recorded on file and the matter will be considered as closed.
  • If the complaint is serious in nature and the response from a Tenant is not sufficient, we will contact the relevant authorities to bring the concern to their attention. This may include the Police or local Council.
  • The Tenancy may not be renewed on its expiry and maintained on a periodic contract in order for reported ASB to be monitored. This enables a Landlord to take further action to end the tenancy if the matter is not resolved in a timely and effective manner.
  • If the complaint is not resolved and the response given by the Tenant is not sufficient, the Landlord may look to terminate the contract under Section 8 of the Housing Act 1988/1996.
  • If the complaint received is found to be unreasonable, false or malicious in nature, we will write to the complainant to explain why we have reached this conclusion. We will provide them with the opportunity to submit further evidence/information to support their complaint. This letter will be held on our records.

Persistent breaches of ASB laws and policies will be recorded on our records and escalated accordingly. Tenants will be made aware in writing of any steps taken in the process of doing this. Possession may be sought under Section 8 of the Housing Act 1988/1996 in conjunction with sanctions from involved authorities and/or regulatory bodies. Tenancy termination will be carried out in the most expeditious method available within the law. Tenants will be made aware of this possibility as well as the risks such action has on their ability to gain a tenancy in the future.
Appropriate authorities, regulatory bodies and persons will be kept fully informed of any progression made in regards to any ongoing ASB investigations and cases. This may include the Police, local Councils or neighbours. This will continue until the behaviour stops or the tenancy is bought to an end.