5 Tips To Prepare For A Home Move




Moving to a new home can be exciting, it can also be stressful times if you don’t do any planning. Read on for 5 Top Tips To Prepare For A Home Move

You always think you have more time than you actually do and it’s easy for things to start to fall behind. There are several things you need to consider when packing up for your new adventure!

Decide What You Want And What You Don’t Want

As you start to pack you will most likely find things you didn’t know you had, that is a sign to get rid of it.  You want to be taking less to your new home than you had in your old one.

You may want to even consider skip hire to save you trips to the tip and get rid of everything in one go. 

 This is also a great time to decide what items you may want to donate to charity or potentially sell at a car boot sale or Ebay. 

Find A Removal Companies

 If you plan on using a removal company to help transport all of your belongings, you will want to start researching companies to use based on your budget.  You should always be asking around and comparing prices to get the best deal available.
Enquire about our Removal Services.  Take a look at things to look for in a good removal company. This guide will be an ideal tool to use when selecting who you want to help you on the big day.

Get Packing Supplies

 The more organised and thorough you can be in packing up your belongings, the easier it will be to unpack them at the next destination.  Don’t be lazy and just stuff things into boxes, because you’ll struggle to find things when you get to your new home.
Prioritise boxes that you know you will need to open immediately at the new home so that you don’t have to search box after box.  This can be time-consuming at first, but it will pay dividends in the end.

Update New Mailing Address

When you are under two weeks away from moving, you will need to advise utility companies along with DVLA, HMRC, NHS, to inform them of the move as well as redirect your mail with the post office

It would also be a good time to go online and update your address on any bills that are set up electronically. We know some moves can be last minute, but the more that you can do before moving, the easier and less stressful the transition will be.

Clean as you Pack

 As you finish packing up various rooms, take the opportunity to clean right away.  This will help with your final walkthrough before shutting the door for good. Give it a good scrub and look around before moving on to the next room. 
The days leading up to your move will be stressful enough that you don’t want to forget something valuable that you need. By doing this, you’ll be able to remain focused and not miss anything.

Enjoy the Ride

You should now be ready for your home move. It may be sad knowing that you are leaving your home, but it should provide a ton of excitement to the next chapter of your life.  Enjoy the moment while it is happening and cherish those last few days in your home. And then, turn your new property into a home.

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