How To Deal With Allergens In The Home And What Potential Signs To Look For On A Viewing

It’s that time of year when pollen can play havoc with our health, stuffy nose, watery or itchy eyes, a scratchy throat, but it’s not only pollen that can be a nightmare if you have allergies. There can be allergens in the home.

You can be allergic to many things, but airborne allergies are the most prevalent and staying at home doesn’t solve the problem!

This will be down to the following:


Keeping that in mind, here’s how can you reduce the risk of triggering allergies in your own home, along with tips of what to look out for when buying a property.


Keep your home well ventilated


Open the windows or use a ventilation system to allow some fresh air into your home. This is crucial for preventing allergies  With fresh air coming inside, you should feel like you can take cleaner breaths without triggering any symptoms.


Invest in an air purifier


Similarly, you can purify the air in your home and help get rid of harmful allergens with an air purifier.  This is a simple device that you can buy from Amazon or any other online store, and it takes things like dust from the air. It works really well if you have dust or mold allergies, and it’s also effective at keeping the air cleaner if you have pets. That’s a simple way of describing what an air purifier does, but you should notice a huge difference in air quality after using it for a few days. The best way to put it is that the air in your home feels easier to breathe!


Clean your carpets once a week


At least once per week, get your vacuum cleaner out to clean the carpets/rugs. These surfaces are guilty of harbouring tons of allergens – particularly dust and pet hairs. If they’re not cleaned regularly, you could constantly have allergy symptoms in your home causing that runny nose all the time! Alongside this, some professional carpet cleaning is also recommended from time to time. You don’t need this once a week, but it’s something you should seek out, possibly a few times per year to really get deep into your carpets. The cleaner your carpets are, the less risk there is of triggering airborne allergies.


Remove and prevent mold/mildew


Mold causes allergies as it releases spores into the air that can cause problems for many people.  The same goes for mildew, and you typically find these things in areas where moisture likes to congregate. So, this will usually be in the bathroom, kitchen, or around window frames. Both mold and mildew are easy to spot as they manifest as black or green spores. If you spot this, you need to remove it right away. Bleach sometimes does the trick, but you can sometimes need professional mold removal services to get the job done if bleach doesn’t shift it.  We often find this in properties that have stood empty for some time too.


You then need to prevent mold and mildew from returning. Believe it or not, this is genuinely extremely easy. All you have to do is keep surfaces dry in your home! Use a towel to try the walls and tiles after you shower or mop up any spillages in the kitchen. When viewing a property, or in your own, keep a look out if the windows are suffering from condensation, they might need to be replaced, it could be costly, but it is something that needs doing to prevent further problems.


Keep your home clean


Finally, to do to get rid of most allergens  –  keep it clean! We’ve already mentioned regular carpet cleaning, but this extends to all other parts of your home as well. Try to dust surfaces as regularly as possible, removing the dirt and dust from your rooms. Tasks like washing bed sheets and cushion covers are also crucial, ridding them of any potential allergens. The cleaner your home is, the less risk there will be of triggering allergic reactions.

Follow these steps to reduce allergens in the home, and you’ll be amazed at how much fresher your home feels.

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