Mapperley Sales Consultant Vicky Saved the day – as well as a lot of stress and money for buyers!




When Emma Ireland and her husband decided to move home back in April last year, it seemed perfect thanks to the stamp duty break, however they could have had no idea about the challenges which lay ahead. Thankfully Mapperley Residential Sales Consultant Vicky Saved the day


Emma tells us “Unfortunately we didn’t use David James to market our home, but we should have, the agent we used was shocking. Thankfully, Vicky at David James was amazing. She’s my saving grace. She was wonderful” 


Survey issues were the problem with the property they were purchasing, and lots of them.  It fell to Vicky as the consultant dealing with the property, to liaise with the vendor. 


In a booming market there were several offers on the property, so understandably the vendor didn’t want to move on the price, leaving the couple in a tricky situation:


“I felt Vicky was the only person in the whole chain to do anything practical” Emma adds


Out of all of the solicitors, mortgage advisors, our estate agent, David James were the only ones that would ever come back to me about the issues, if Vicky was off she had made Michelle aware of the information, it just made it run so smoothly and they were both so friendly, I could be swearing or crying, but they were absolutely amazing.

Had it not been for the help from David James I genuinely would probably have taken our property off the market and waited until life had calmed down”


Had Emma done so it would have meant the whole chain collapsing, with vendors and buyers back to square one. Although ultimately the vendors of the property Emma was buying did not agree to any money off the sale price, Emma appreciated the advice, honesty and responsiveness from Vicky which saw her deal with a collapsed drain amongst other setbacks.


Finally a moving date was agreed by all parties in the chain, but as always until exchange of contracts, it was not set in stone.  With a week to go until the suggested move date, it became apparent that the conveyancers further up in the chain didn’t have all the required documentation in place:


“It was a week before moving day and I had to pay the deposit to the removal company. I then got a phone call and Vicky told me I’m really sorry, unfortunately the person that is moving out of your house needed to provide all the mortgage documentation today to get that date agreed, the mortgage broker has gone away and they’re missing a document. I was in floods of tears but Vicky found out who the mortgage broker was. Fortunately it was next door at David James and she went round, got it sorted and saved the move”.


Residential Sales Consultant Vicky says:

“It was a long process, especially having to contend with lots of obstacles, the main one being with the drains.

But Emma remained positive and passionate throughout and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with.I wish them all the very best for the future”.


Had Vicky not been proactive, not only would Emma and her husband have not made the moving date, they would also have lost the deposit they had paid for removals, and be facing an extra cost of thousands of pounds having missed the cut-off date for the stamp duty holiday.


“Vicky was responsive, sympathetic, kind, efficient, very professional but also friendly enough to calm me down whenever I needed it. Considering I was actually the buyer, the service was incredible, everyone at David James went above and beyond” says Emma – who thankfully is finally settled in her new home.



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