Following the news earlier this month by The Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Michael Gove, which sees new plans to offer more flexibility for homeowners to carry out extensions and conversions, we look at the advantages of adding a loft conversion into the home.

A loft conversion is a practical solution to help create more space within a home, without impacting on its existing grounds. Whether you plan to divide up your loft to use it as multi-functional space, or create a dedicated room like a home office, guest bedroom, stylish lounge or entertainment room, there’s now more freedom then ever before.

Photo: Courtesy of Neville Johnson –  Modern Loft Home Office

There are many benefits of converting your loft space into a usable room, the main being it creates a whole new level to your home, which can be used for more than just storing bulky, seasonal items like a Christmas tree!

As it’s located at the highest point of the home, a loft conversion offers added privacy as less outside noise can be heard. The home will also appear lighter and brighter as natural light is able to travel through the home without being blocked by nearby buildings.

Many lofts are filled with awkward spaces and corners and low sloping ceilings, which means the room can appear cramped.  Want to design like a pro? Light, airy and neutral colours on the walls and ceilings are recommended as this will help the room seem bigger and brighter.

Whilst there are many advantages to adding a loft conversion, it’s important to know that not all homes can add one, so it’s imperative to do thorough research ahead of planning the extension as well as checking  building regulations to confirm if your property meets the requirements. Remember, it will need the proper access, and meet building regulations in order to be classed as a room.

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