Your August Home Checklist



August can seem a strange old time.

It’s still the summer, but the shops are full of ‘Back to School’ and Autumn Decor

Should you try and relax and enjoy the final throws of summer?  Or do you prepare for Autumn?

We think you should do a bit of both, so here’s our August Home Checklist to help you on your way!


Take A Road Trip

There’s still time to enjoy the weather, so have fling with the outdoors. There’s lots of places you can go in the UK. Grab your stuff and take off, either for a day out or a getaway.  Either way, make memories to cherish before you’re back into the school or work routine.


Check Your Security

If you are going away, or even with the darker nights looming, it’s a good idea to check your home security.

Are all your locks working?

Do you have deadbolts?

Are your windows secure and do you know where all the keys are?

You might also want to fit security lighting or set up your lights on a timer

Prepare Your Entrance

Whether you have a porch, boot room, utility or your door comes straight in to your home, chances are, this is where shoes and coats get dumped.

Give it a makeover or invest in some new storage so everything has a place. You’ll feel much calmer when you come into a tidy home.  Put down a new door mat too in readiness for the damp Autumn weather.


Declare War On Dust And Dirt


We all have it.  It comes in through windows, off items, shoes.  Give your home a good pre-Autumn clean


Store Away Your Summer Stuff

There might still be time for a BBQ or two, but chances are it’s time to put away the paddling pool and inflatables.  Throw away anything broken and clear up the clutter.


Clear Out Your Wardrobe

The same applies to your Summer Clothes.  Although the weather can be unpredictable in the UK, it might be time to put your summer clothes into storage and dig out those cosy jumpers. Throw away anything worn or that you haven’t worn for a long time.


Clean Out Your Fridge

Throw out anything out of date, or old salad items and make room for seasonal pre-prepped meals, such as soups and stews. Give the shelves a good clean.  If you’ve got time, you could tackle the freezer too.

Organise And Save Your Summer Photos

Make sure you have this years memories saved or backed up.  It might seem fine that you have them on your phone now, but it’s a good idea to make sure they are backed up in cloud or stored on a disc. Should anything happen to your phone, such as you lose it, or it needs a full reset, you could end up losing everything.


Make a Shared Calander

This is one of those jobs that once done can save a lot of time.  Whether its a paper one you stick on the wall or one you set up on your phone to share with your mates, you can see at a glance if you have appointments booked or conflicting, along with any events.


Plan For Big Purchases


You might not want to think about it yet, but it’s time to start putting some cash aside for Christmas!  Especially if you get paid at the end of the month.  Saving a little now can stop you going in the red in December.


Will you be ticking everything off our August Home Checklist?

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