A Dog Owners Guide To An Easier-To Clean-Home

As dog owners ourselves, we know that they are part of the family, but there is one uncomfortable truth which all dog owners will understand – keeping the home clean.

From dog hairs to muddy footprints, dog owners can sometimes spend longer than we would like to make our homes look presentable, not only for our benefit but for any friends or family that might visit, as well as prospective buyers if our home is on the market.

Sound familiar, fear not! Tidying up after your dog doesn’t have to be the bane of your life, especially where your home is concerned because there are some very simple steps you can take to create an easier-to-clean home.


#1: Dog owners tackle the problem at the source

By which we mean your beloved pet. Set up an area near the door where you can quickly give him or her a good scrub with their own towel before they can leave a trail of muddy footprints.  It can help to keep a water spray bottle on standby, as well as investing in a heavy-duty doormat to take most of the dirt from your dog’s paws.

You should also give your dog a good groom, especially if you own a breed that causes a lot of dog hair problems around the home. You can do this yourself with a grooming kit bought from your local pet store, though you might want to use the services of a professional dog groomer occasionally for a more thorough job.

#2: Change your flooring

If you have the budget to change your flooring, especially in the areas where your dog is likely to wander, then it’s an idea to do so. Hardwood flooring is often recommended, as, unlike deeper carpets, you will be able to make light work of any hairs that your dog leaves behind as he travels around your home. Mud and urine stains are easier to clean up too. Bamboo flooring is a good practical choice, as, unlike some hardwoods, this type can also withstand scratch marks from your dogs, and stains are unlikely to set in if not mopped up in time. Other types of flooring to consider are laminate and vinyl, as these are both durable and stain-resistant. 


#3: Buy a new sofa


OK, Vets will usually not recommend allowing your dog on your sofa in the first place in case they fall, but most of us like nothing more than snuggling up with our pooch while watching a Netflix box set for an evening, however, there is a consequence and that’s the problem of dog hair. Tweed and chanelle fabrics can be particularly problematic, whereas leather and microfiber are better options as they are easier to clean, so consider making the switch. If you can’t afford to upgrade to a new sofa just yet, you might want to add a throw or a blanket to your sofa for him to sit on. Throws are still very in – and the chunkier the better. You can then give it a good shake and a wash when you need to, which is easier and quicker than cleaning any hair from the sofa itself.

You can also get dog hair removal tools, they not only make light work of any hairs on your sofa, but they will tackle the problem around other areas of your home too.


We hope these suggestions were helpful to you, let us know what you think. And if you have found other ways to create an easier-to-clean home, despite the presence of your four-legged fur baby, We’d love to hear your tips

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