David James sponsor Notts County Kop Stand!

We are delighted to announce our sponsorship of the Notts County Kop Stand for their 2014-2015 campaign following an annual competition held by the club.

A wide range of representatives from local and national businesses took part in the event in which their logo was placed on the pitch and manager Shaun Derry kicked a ball with the closest company logo declared the winner.

James Roys (Director) was in attendance along with his three year old son, Jack (a member of Team Magpies) and allowed him to choose the placement of the logo.

James and his brother, David Radford (Director) are both life long Notts County fans and season ticket holders and are delighted with their success in the competition.

“It’s a fantastic idea and you’ve always got a chance, but we entered the draw in hope rather than expectation. As season ticket holders, we really wanted to do something that could associate our company with the club. It’s really exciting and we’re really looking forward to hearing the Wheelbarrow Song blasting out of The Kop and then looking up to see our name above. As ardent fans and local businessmen, it’s something that we’re very proud of and it means a lot to us – it’s not just a commercial opportunity.” James Roys (Director)

Quote from www.nottscountyfc.co.uk

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