Moving Day Preparations

So you’ve sold your home and ready to make the transition to your new home. Instead of letting it all pile up, it pays to be mindful and patient as these are your final days to ensure all goes smoothly. David James have initiated more relocations than we can remember but they all have the same set of principles in common. We want your move to be one of pleasure, not dread, so follow these simple tips and you’ll be heading out that door with nothing but a smile on your face.

Remember to take a metre reading the day of the move.

Oh, what a boring first tip you may be thinking. In all seriousness this is an essential step in the closure of your previous home. The last thing you want is to get settled in your new home only to be hassled over previous residential billing. If you forget you may have to go back and disturb the new tenants which can be stressful if you hold strong emotions for the property.

Don’t set your moving date on a Monday or a Friday.

A little obvious for some but it’s easy to overlook, these are the busiest business days for traffic and footfall. Try and keep things smooth, you don’t want to get blocked in traffic on the way to your new property and then spend your entire evening unloading boxes when you could be settling in.

Pack up your non essential items in the final two weeks.

Books, films, music, bric-a-brac and all the stuff you have on display which doesn’t directly affect your function to live. Sure it’s a key part of your home’s aesthetic but getting it all boxed and ready to shift will save so much grief towards crunch time.

Moving to an all new location? Doctors, direct debits, banks, dentists, opticians, post office…

Inform them, de-register, get post redirected, register yourself and your family to new surgeries and inform your bank of any direct debits or payments that may be affected by the change of address as soon as possible.

Young kids and pets?

Some like them to be out of the way during the bulk of the move, so babysitters and the like can help. However, not everyone is so bothered and want it to be a family experience. Just find something for them to do or a way for them to help and everything should be fine. With pets, especially cats and dogs put them in a room away from the removal as this can distress them. Also make sure they are comfortable during the actual relocation, it’s as much a life changing experience for them as it is for you.

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