Tips To Save You Cash When Saving For A Home

If you’re saving up for a home move and you’re starting to see mentions of the C-word (Christmas) everywhere, it can seem a little daunting.


However, if you make a few changes between now and then, you could find that the cash you save can make for a ‘Merry Christmas’.   


Here are a few ideas to try this month.


Firstly, try selling your unwanted items online. Sites like Vinted, Music Magpie, Amazon, ebay and Facebook Marketplace are good places to start.Those that don’t charge a fee are even better.


Spare room? – Rent it out to a lodger or even use as an Air B & B to help save some extra cash.


If you have a family, look around for local free fun activities at the weekend that you can do together.


You might have questioned the ‘Bring Your Own Alcohol’ restaurants before, however, if you fancy going out for a meal but want to save some cash.  Taking your own wine for example can save you around £10 a bottle.


Ring round your utility providers and see if you’re on the best deal.  Phone and wifi providers can often give you a better package, and use a comparison site when it comes to renewing your home or car insurance to help you save further.


You should also go through your direct debits.  Daft as it may seem, some can slip through the net and you might find you’re paying for subscriptions you no longer use.  This will also put you in good stead when the time comes to arrange your mortgage when you could be questioned about any regular outgoings


Cook instead of having a takeaway.  We know, it takes longer, but you could batch cook or find quick and easy recipes which for the cost of a takeaway could keep you going for days. Freeze dishes that you can warm up quickly or pop in the microwave.  Also, try freezing fruit and veg to make it last longer.


In the habit of grabbing a takeaway coffee too? By cutting back for a few weeks and flicking the kettle on when you get to work, you can save each week. OK, it might not be as nice, but look at the options in the supermarket and you might find some tasty alternatives.


Try buying in bulk.  Everything from loo roll to cola can be bought in bulk.  It might seem costlier at first, but you’ll be amazed at how much you can save in the long term.


That’s all for now,  but let us know if you have any money-saving ideas or if you would like us to include more.


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